Studio-A Automazione- a sardinian company from Serramanna toghether with Tolo Green

Studio-A Automazione from Serramanna will be in Expo 2020 Dubai on October 1st, thanks to a cooperation agreement with Tolo Green, technical partner of the Italia Pavilion.
Studio-A Automazione will take care of the implant automation to produce spirulina seaweed inside the Pavilion. Tolo Green will create the installation.
The partnership between the 2 companies started in 2019 in Arborea, Sardinia, where Tolo Green created an implant to cultivate spirulina microalgae. The implant is supposed to become the biggest in Europe, producing 60 tons.
The Italia Pavilion will host a template of Arborea implant to highlight the efficiency of microalgae in capturing CO2.
The circular perimeter of the Belvedere, inside the Pavilion will be occupied by five big open pounds where seaweeds will be cultivated.
The carbonic dioxide exhaled by Italia Pavilion visitors will be transformed into oxygen, thanks to an innovative 100% Italian technology. This will use microalgae to biofix CO2, creating the pavilion as a “breathing” structure. Purified air will be pushed back in the pavilion area.
Visitors will be able to know in real time the data of the purified air flow, learning about the risks of CO2 in closed environments.
Alessandro Cireddu, Studio-A Automazione Ceo, points out: “We are proud to proceed and expand our cooperation with Tolo Green in Expo 2020 Dubai. This is a window opened on the whole planet”. “Design and actualization of the automation technical procedure to handle the implant consists in our technological support. A challenge we took with joy, being happy to give our technological support in an ambitious project, that looks forward, as the microalgae spirulina cultivation is”.
Gilberto Gabrielli, president and founder of Tolo Green says: “To be partner of Italia Pavilion in Expo 2020 Dubai for us is an extraordinary opportunity to promote the best competences of our country in technological development dedicated to environmental sustenability and clean energy production. We are looking at environment and future generations, with a unique technological process that wants to stimulate international visitors attention and reflection”.